Music Theory Resources

Learning Note Names

  1. Click Learning Note Names The default setting is violin.

  2. To set the exercises for a different instrument, click on the sliding buttons icon in the top right corner (between the "I" and the keyboard and set the clef and range to match your instrument

  3. Add key signatures after you have learned your note names to practice keys as well.

Thirds & Chords

  1. Explain the difference between a major and minor third.

  2. Explain how to build a triad.

  3. Explain the difference between a major and minor triad.

  4. What is the root of the chord? The third? The Fifth? The Seventh?

  5. Explain the difference between the root and the bass of the chord. Explain first, second and third inversion.

  6. What is a "one chord, a "four chord," a "five chord," "six chord" (aka I, IV, V, vi)

  7. What is the difference between a seven chord and a seventh chord?

Useful Music Theory Websites


G Major Music Theory
Theory Resources from VCU

Online Lexicon of Theory (with Audio Samples)
Music Theory from Murray State
Music Dictionary of Virginia Tech
Music Theory  from Southern Methodist Univ. Theory Dept
Melodic Dictation
Theory on the Web from SMU (good basics)
Basic Musicianship - music theory fundamentals from U.W. Oshkosh 

State of Play--a musical playground for kids

Musicca is a free music-learning website with exercises and learning tools

Information about Classical Composers


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